About Us

At The Nutri-Balance Centre we are specialists in nutrition, supplements and health food excellence.

Our aim is to enable you to be the “doctor of first choice”; to help you to understand your body’s needs and functions and to assist you in making choices that are beneficial for your health.

We provide a comprehensive range of health and vitamin supplements, as well as a selection of health foods to improve your overall wellbeing.

We offer expert advice to people from all over the world.  Our staff are well versed in all aspects of health, particularly food and lifestyle.

As Hippocrates so eloquently said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Sadly the food chain of today is anything but “medicine” to our bodies.  Our trained personnel offer blood and micro-circulation analysis which are highly accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tools.

With the internet and its vast bank of knowledge, countless articles and products appearing in every store, and magazines and newspapers worldwide, people are being bombarded with more and more health information and advice.  Unfortunately “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and it is for this reason that our trained staff are available to explain and simplify misinformation that is so often picked up.

Natural healing has come into its own as people realise:

  • ballThey can reverse the allopathic abuse we have all been subjected to;
  • ballThat drugs are a temporary fix, which in fact our bodies ultimately reject;
  • ballThat we have never been more ill and our medical bills have never been higher than at this time.

Our History

Richard Penfounde, the founder of the Nutri-Balance Centres, was born and educated in England.  After years of extensive retailing experience with companies such as Boots and Aspro Nicholas, he moved to South Africa to lead the marketing division for the latter.  The company was subsequently sold, at which point Richard became an entrepreneur; floating a company at the top end of the cosmetic business which launched the range of Pierre Fabre products in South African on an agency-basis.  After selling his shares to his partners, Richard became more focused on the medical side of alternative and preventative medicine, and started to import and distribute nutritional supplements for sale to health shops.

He launched spirulina into the then Transvaal and started to lay the foundations of his own retail entry into the market.  In 1988, the first Nutri-Balance Centre was opened in Benmore Gardens. The store sold a range of imported herbs and nutritional supplements to Richard’s specifications.  They were produced in the UK and marketed as the company’s own brand in order to spearhead a more “new age” injection for the growing consumer attention to alternative, nutritional and prevention health care.

Within five years the company had taken a significant share of the Northern Suburb’s market.  Richard had by then been asked to write weekly articles on health care for the Saturday Star supplement.  In 1999 plans were put in place for new branches to be opened, and so the stores at Sandton City, Rosebank Mall and Benmore Gardens came into being.

Following a decision to consolidate in 2013, the three stores were merged and Sandton City became the flagship store.  Also known as the “Sandton Health Shop”, the store has retained its position as the largest health outlet in the Northern Suburbs with a space of 100m2.